Hi, I'm Niraj. My work, activities and learning converge around the intersections of well-being, technology and entrepreneurship.
Lucky to recover from a sudden, serious brain injury at just 30 years old, I became obsessed with learning about health, vitality and the human brain (a.k.a. "what on Earth just happened to me and how do I stop it happening again??").

Just over a decade later, I've started and co-started businesses, invested in a few, advised a few more and learned a ton of stuff along the way. I'm currently (March 2021) exploring ideas for my next business.
Topics I love to discuss and learn about include: technology's effects on society, mental well-being in a chaotic world, the evolving relationship between rapidly advancing technology and our ancient brains, biohacking, meditation, practical (i.e. no-BS) entrepreneurship.

Things I love to do: travel, meditate, action sports (snowboarding, kitesurfing) and experiencing growth through adventure.

To contact me, click here.
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You can also find me in these places:
Work (current)
Speaker, technology & mental well-being.
Advisor, MAAIND (biometrics and neuroadaptive AI).
Real estate developer.
Investor (angel, real estate, equities, crypto).
Work (previous)
Co-Founder, Mind: Unlocked.

Co-Founder, CrowdProperty.

Founder, Indus Valley Property.
How We Lead, 2021: by Rachel Mathia.
The Honestly Unbalanced Podcast, 2020: #10 Niraj Shah - Well-being Entrepreneur and Meditation Guide, with Adam and Holly Husler.
Shelf Help Keep Calm Series, 2020: Keep Calm...Check Your Sources, says meditation guide and mental health expert Niraj Shah.
The Quiet Life, 2020: Working From Home with Niraj Shah.
Club Soda, 2020: Dealing with uncertainty, meditation, drinking & coping with kids!
Your Live Well Podcast, 2020: Digital Balance: Exploring the Relationship Between Technology and Our Mental Wellbeing.
Human Window, 2020: Niraj Shah On 21st Century Meditation And How To Take Control Of Your Digital Life.
TherapyLab by Harley Therapy, 2020: Meditation for Mental Wellbeing, with Dr Sheri Jacobsen.
weMove Magazine, 2019: Living Beyond Limits & Mental Resilience with Tiffany Soi.
Health Optimisation Biohacker London Meetup, 2019: Biohacks For The Mind: Meditation, Mindfulness & Floating: Expert Panel with Q&A.
Hacking Happiness by DOSE, 2019: Meditation and Technology.
The Mind: Unlocked Podcast, 2019-2020: I hosted this series, exploring practical aspects of mental well-being with different thought leaders and experts.