My primary interest is in the evolving relationship between rapidly advancing technology and our 40,000 year old human brains.

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My current labels include: mental well-being speaker, meditation guide, biohacker, entrepreneur, angel investor, business advisor, snowboarder, cocktail maker, stroke survivor and human being. 

My activities and learning converge around the intersections of well-being, technology and entrepreneurship. (I don't, and never have, teach yoga. That clarification is mainly for family and friends ?)


After a high-pressure corporate career spanning nearly 10 years in London & Hong Kong, I started my first successful business in 2012. I have since advised or invested in a number of well-being and technology companies.

In 2010, between those two career trajectories, my passing interest in health became an ongoing obsession with learning about health, vitality and neuroscience after I suffered a sudden, serious stroke at the age of 30.

Today, I lead the development of Mind: Unlocked, making science-led, practical meditation work for pragmatic people living modern lives. 

I have developed "no mumbo jumbo", evidence-based and highly practical approaches to meditation, mindfulness and unplugging from technology, designed specifically for busy 21st century lives like mine; and have led sessions and workshops for CISCO, The London Evening Standard, The Mayor of London, ASICS, Wanderlust, Lululemon, Digital Wellness Europe and EY (Ernst & Young) amongst others.

I also co-lead the European development of Transformative Technology, a Silicon Valley based non-profit, the largest global community of entrepreneurs and innovators that are leveraging technology to raise mental health, emotional well-being and human thriving.

If that's not enough ?, I also love to travel, snowboard and make cocktails! 

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For more detail on the companies and movements I'm focused on, see below.

Projects I'm involved in

Most of my time is focused here. Mind: Unlocked is a leading mental well-being and mindset optimisation movement for 21st century lifestyles. We help pragmatic, proactive people around the world solve everyday problems like reducing stress, improving sleep or finding digital balance through sharing research-led, practical tools.

I'm also the European Co-Chair and UK Country Lead for Transformative Technology, a Silicon Valley based non-profit, and the largest global community of entrepreneurs and innovators that are leveraging technology to raise mental health, emotional well-being and human thriving. 

This is my private advisory business for well-being technology companies. Originally, the plan was to grow it alongside Mind: Unlocked, but then we decided to focus fully on M:U. Now I do a very limited amount of private mentoring or consulting around the world under this banner. If you want to enquire, and are past your first fundraise, contact me here.

Maaind is an early-stage neurotech company building responsible AI for understanding and improving the human mind. After getting to know the team for several months, I accepted their offer to join their advisory board in March 2020. 

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