I am asked to speak about or comment on areas like mental health, meditation, digital balance, biohacking, technology for emotional well-being, the relationship between technology and the human brain; and my own journey through stroke recovery, well-being and entrepreneurship.

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The Honestly Unbalanced Podcast with Adam and Holly Husler

Episode #10: The Honestly Unbalanced Podcast with Adam and Holly Husler 

65 mins || published May 2020

We talk about: surviving a stroke at 30 /// Tools to battle distraction /// Biohacking /// Meditation’s effects on the brain /// Productivity /// Belief as an ingredient to recovery /// Combining health, technology and business.

Episode #8: Keep Calm...Check Your Sources and Watch Star Trek with Shelf Help

15 mins || published April 2020

A brief 15 minute check in where I share my personal practices for physical, mental and spiritual well-bing during the early weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Home Practices For An Uncertain World with Michael James Wong for The Quiet Life Podcast

59 mins || published March 2020

This interview was recorded during the international COVID-19 pandemic. I discuss our relationship with technology and working from home. A great episode for those of us who are new to working from home and finding it difficult maintain focus. 

Dealing With Uncertainty, Meditation, Drinking and Coping With Kids! with Club Soda

83 mins || published March 2020

Club Soda is a leading mindful drinking movement that helps people cut down, stop for a bit or quit alcohol in ways that work. I'm privileged to call them friends, and this podcast features some brilliant material on the subjects in the title. My part of this podcast is from minutes 15 to 25 minutes. As the other interviews drop I'll add the links below.  

Meditation for mental well-being with Dr Sheri Jacobsen for TherapyLab

50 mins || published January 2020

I talk to Harley Therapy's CEO and my friend Dr Sheri Jacobsen about the impact meditation and yoga have had on my mental well-being and we discuss the science and research behind these practices. 

Biohacks for the Mind expert panel for The Health Optimisation Biohacker London Meetup 

70 mins || recorded November 2019

I was delighted to be on this panel discussion for my dear friend Tim Gray, known as the UK's leading biohacker, recorded in front of a live audience of around 200 people. 

21st Century Meditation And How To Take Control Of Your Digital Life with Human Window

25 mins || published October 2019

A brief video interview with Human Window exploring meditation for busy lifestyles and digital balance. You can also find a written copy of the interview here, with some nice quotes highlighted.  

Living Beyond Limits & Mental Resilience with Tiffany Soi for weMove Magazine

59 mins || published July 2019

A  chat with my friend Tiffany Soi on my stroke aged 30 and the trauma, why I became obsessed with well-being, modern meditation, the lack of scientific rigour in the wellness industry, and what I think is the most important skill of the future and present.  

Hacking Happiness: Meditation and Tech with Hettie Holmes at DOSE 

45 mins || published April 2019

The 4th interview in this series, Hettie and I discussed meditation, technology and how they relate to modern life.

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