Here are the articles, books, videos, podcasts, products and resources from other people that I use and/or recommend, organised by category. 

Some are free, some are not. All are things I really rate. 

This does not include my own articles or interviews.


During the COVID-19 pandemic I'll add some of the most interesting articles I've read. These aren't necessarily "resources" but they shoud be thought provoking and useful. 

Before that, I'll kick off with one resource that I've worked hard on. A collection of free, globally available, fact checked mental well-being resources from a number of sources here

"It's Time to Build" is a thought provoking April 2020 essay from Marc Andreesen on why as a society we don't have the things we need such as health resources to cope, and what we can do about it for the future. It's provocative, but also useful as a thinking tool. 


For first time entrepreneurs or folks trying to make their first businesses work, I highly recommend two resources:

1. Simon Sinek's superb TED Talk "How Great Leaders Inspire Action" and related book "Start With Why".

2. Darren Hardy's book "The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster".

More recommendations to come.


For research-led, practical mental well-being articles, resources and products I recommend my own Mind: Unlocked

More recommendations to come.


If you're in, or interested in getting into, technology designed to raise mental health, emotional well-being and human thriving check out Transformative Technology Lab.

More recommendations to come.

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